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Hardydeck SRL is originally a company dedicated to the logging, milling and exporting of tropical lumber and hardwood such as decking and indoor exclusive parquets. Due to the economic crises 2012 – 2013 Hardydeck SRL made a shift into the sesame and chia oil seeds business. The economic crises is mainly a credit crises based on a failing housing market. Since wood is related to the construction business, the crises affected the wood business to the full extend.



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In Bolivia there is a great opportunity in producing sesame and chia seeds due to excellent soil and climate. Furthermore, Hardydeck SRL, as a hardwood lumber company, enjoys being an exporting company, enjoys the assets of a complete fleet of heavy machinery such as trucks, tractors, shovel, but also personnel (proper mechanic) and its own diesel fuel (30,000lts) storage.

Diesel in Bolivia is heavily subsidized so it is very hard and bureaucratic to obtain. Last but not least, the lumber industry is a very capital intensive industry. Just and average company does not have these advantages. Instead, most competitive exporting companies depend on a dozen of small farmers with limited resources.



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Hardydeck SRL’s main business is forestry and wood products and once logged virgin areas are prepared for sesame and chia seed production. Virgin areas means a stable environmental balance between agriculture and nature.

Sustainable forestry enforces the usage of environmental friendly tools respecting the natural conditions of the soil and water reservoirs in order to prevent any kind of ecological decay.


For the buyer of the sesame and chia oil seeds from Hardydeck SRL this means that there has been virtually no use of herbicides or pesticides, good for quality and even better for our very competitive price!



Hardydeck is the producer located in Bolivia.

We sell full container loads (22 tons) but also small quantities with a min of at least 100kgs.

Long term orders may apply for custom made retail packaging.


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manufacturer, processor and exporter of sesame and chia seeds


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