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Manufacturer and exporter of Sesame and Chia seeds

Higher Quality – Lower Price ; how?

Medina Vasquez SRL is originally a company dedicated to the agriculture and enjoys the full infrastructure of heavy machinery, vast quantities of fields and last but not least diesel fuel.

Diesel in Bolivia is heavily subsidized so it is very hard and bureaucratic to obtain. Because of its vast amount of fixed assets, the industry is very capital intensive. Just and average company does not have these advantages. Instead, most competitive exporting companies depend on a dozen of small farmers with limited resources that make delivery unreliable.

In Bolivia there is a great opportunity in producing sesame and chia seeds due to excellent soil and climate. Furthermore, Medina Vasquez SRL being an exporting company, enjoys the assets of a complete fleet of heavy machinery such as trucks, tractors, shovel, but also personnel (proper mechanic) and its own diesel fuel (30,000lts) storage.

Sustainable farming right from the start is possible in Bolivia and is in fact the most cost effective way of production. Bolivia is relatively underdeveloped and compared to developed countries there is almost no intensive farming. This provides Medina Vasquez SRL the possibility of a virtual no use of herbicides or pesticides with the following results:

  • Organic produce
  • Cheap produce (herbicides or pesticides are very expensive)
  • Little to none ecological decay

Therefore, buying your sesame seeds or fine chia seeds from Medina Vasquez SRL means not only reliability in delivery but also excellent quality in chia and sesame seeds for the lowest possible price